Group show at a&o kunsthalle in Leipzig from April 16th to May 28th, 2021.


INFORMAL CITY PARK is a project initiated by Leipzig based visual artist Gabriela Kobus:

INFORMAL CITY PARK  is intended to grow and become a project of many participating artists, including various nationalities, age groups and backgrounds. To create the project in a next step I was working with the curating team StudioKhana from Cairo and artists from Cairo, Leipzig and Dresden on the working terms "amusement park in the slum".

With the term "amusement park" I take up the human need for diversion, escape from everyday life and pleasure - independent of individual circumstances.
Amusement park refers to an artificially created world of experience that forms a contrast to everyday life, while "slum" stands for an everyday life under very specific circumstances.In the combination "Amusement Park in the Slum" I see a difficult field, which raises questions about absurdity, dubious ideas of charity and the living in rapidly changing structures of cities. With this, I want to open an experimental space of thought, in which contradictions and questions are to be illuminated and both fields can be examined.

Which artistic considerations can be linked to this?
How can a way of dealing with the topic be found?
Which focal points will the participants work out for themselves in their artistic contributions?

Our contributions should be presented in spring 2020 at a&o Kunsthalle in Leipzig. All participants were invited to come to Leipzig two weeks before the opening to meet in person, continue discussions and built up the works.  
Due to the pandemic situation, the trips had to be cancelled and the exhibition postponed.
In the meantime, we developed alternative scenarios for the realization of our plans and finally, one year later, we were able to implement our exhibition.