ABOUT Informal City Park

INFORMAL CITY PARK is a project initiated by visual artist Gabriela Kobus:

For the new part of the INFORMAL CITY PARK project, I am cooperating with guests from Cairo, Dresden and Leipzig on the working terms "amusement park in the slum". The curatorial team StudioKhana from Cairo accompanies the exhibition digitally.

Our artistic contributions are presented in a group exhibition at the a&o kunsthalle in Leipzig from April 16th to May 28th, 2021 and from May, 10th online on this website.

With the term amusement park I take up the human need for diversion, escape from everyday life and pleasure - independent of individual circumstances.
Amusement park refers to an artificially created world of experience that forms a contrast to everyday life, while "slum" stands for an everyday life under very specific circumstances.

In the combination Amusement Park in the Slum I see a difficult field, which raises questions about absurdity, pathos and dubious charity ideas. With this, I want to open an experimental space of thought, in which contradictions and questions are to be illuminated and both fields are to be examined.